Steve Purcell is an artist and writer who has worked in comics, games and animation for TV and feature films. After graduating from the California College of the Arts, Steve began a career in the San Francisco bay area as an illustrator with a bent toward sci-fi, fantasy and humor. Best known for his comic characters Sam & Max Freelance Police, their publication led him to LucasArts where he created art and cover illustrations for some of LEC’s classic adventure games and eventually an adaptation of Sam & Max in their own computer game, ‘Sam & Max Hit the Road’. Sam & Max further became an animated TV series and a long line of serialized adventures from Telltale Games. Meanwhile, Steve continued in feature development at Industrial Light and Magic as part of the notorious ‘Frankenstein’ animated feature and then to Pixar where he worked in story, then co-wrote and co-directed the Oscar winning feature, ‘Brave’. Steve also wrote, directed and acted in the holiday special ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’. He continues creating stories while contributing to various Sam & Max projects and sketching hideous politicians.

Artist Credits

  • Brave
  • Toy Story That Time Forgot
  • Sam & Max Projects
  • Frankenstein